April 6-7, 2019

Oregon Leadership Experience and Dedicated Service (OLEADS) is a weekend leadership experience designed to give veterinary students and professionals the tools, knowledge, and confidence necessary to be emotionally intelligent servant-leaders and to succeed in their profession and their lives.

2019 Theme:

intrapersonal intelligence and communication

Final Registration Deadline is Monday, March 25th!

New this year!!!

  • Door Prizes (awarded on the second day) 
  • Two Category 3 VBMA Points (attending both days)

"Simply put, OLEADS changed my life...I wasn't prepared for the mental and emotional challenges involved with being a new veterinary student, and OLEADS gave me the skills to deal with those. It also taught me that I wasn't alone and that as veterinary students, we all have a common goal, and each of us has strengths to share with each other. I would recommend that everyone attend OLEADS because you never know what impact it might have on your life."

-Brittany Graham, c/o 2016

"I really appreciate the opportunity I get to interact with the students outside of the classroom. Every time I have attended OLEADS, I go away with something critical and instrumental that I can apply everyday in my work."

- Christiane Loehr 2018

"OLEADS was an experience I will never forget. It changed the tone of my life. I learned how to re-frame my negativity and stress, and gained skills I was able to apply to my relationships as well as my approach to school. If you were like me: overwhelmed, constantly complaining, stressed out beyond all reason and hating your life as a vet student, OLEADS is for you."

-Moriah Kaufman, c/o 2016